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Monday 10/7/2019, 6:30 PM!
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Conquer Workshop 2.0 is an all new version of the Conquer Series that encompasses ten sessions and two workbooks rather than the original five. Conquer Workshop alumni are encouraged to participate to experience new vigor in fighting the battle!

'ARMOR' Life Group began in January of 2018. This has been a challenging episode in men's lives as we've grappled with who the Holy Spirit is and how God's awesome power works in us. This life group is for all men (not just Conquer Workshop alumni) who wish to learn how to wear the armor of God and pray in the Spirit as directed by Paul in Ephesians 6:10-18.
ARMOR meets at The Rhapsody Hub near the Vancouver Mall every Monday morning at 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM.

Serving as the director of Rhapsody Church Life Group Communities, and staff at many HeartChange Workshops, I've become intimately and painfully aware of the scourge of internet porn and sexual addition affecting Christian men in the church today. Their desire to live the Christian life with a testimony of the saving grace of Jesus Christ is ravaged by the enemy and a secret life of sin. And what's more, the indulgence in pornography has become a seemingly acceptable pastime in society today. No man, woman, or child is exempt from the exposure and temptation of pornography. Even our clergy are reportedly engaging in pornography at rates greater than 50%!
To combat this scourge I've solicited the collaboration of Rhapsody Church, Washington HeartChange, INTERCEPT, Women of Substance, and the Conquer Series. These organizations together provide a spectrum of support to win the battle.

Conquer Series - Who is this for?
The Conquer Series is men's entry level into the battle... a boot camp of sexual purity. The Conquer Series is for all men, not just those who have succumbed to the temptation of the enemy...
It's for those who wish to support a friend or Christian brother caught up in the struggle. It's like CPR for men. Resusitation engages two people, the victim and the one administering CPR.
It's for those who are tempted and want to armor up.
It's for those who are simply aware and want to know how to fight when the need arises.
It's for those in positions of authority in the church to understand the battles raging even now in their congregations.

Conquer Workshop (First Session: Monday 10/7/2019, 6:30 PM)
The Conquer Workshop presents the Conquer Series, a very engaging ten week instructional video series. We'll schedule the Conquer Workshop three to four times a year. The Conquer Series is recommended and suitable for men from preteen ages on up.

INTERCEPT - Next Steps...
From there, INTERCEPT takes over as the long term 'front line' of a man's renewing of mind and accountability in the day to day battle.

Women of Substance - Support Series...
Women of Substance is the support mechanism for women in relationships with men in the battle. Women of Substance will schedule sessions parallel with the Conquer Workshops.

In Christ,

Ed Byerly

Rhapsody Notes Blog The Rhapsody Notes Blog...
I created the Rhapsody Notes blog ( as a place for myself and other Christian writers to submit devotionals and inspirational articles of interest to Christ followers. The website has sat vacant of any content for two years. As I began putting together the Conquer Workshop and developing the website, it occurred to me that it's time has come. I'm integrating Rhapsody Notes into the Conquer Workshop as a resource for living the free and abundant life that Jesus promised. All article submissions will be considered for publication.

The Conquer ForumThe Conquer Forum...
The Conquer Workshop Forum is a private and strictly confidential online meeting place for Conquer Workshop alumni and staff only. Forum members are encouraged to collaborate for the purposes of accountability, encouragement, prayer, connection, and spiritual growth together with the common goal of sexual purity and abundant life in Jesus Christ.
Membership is moderated. All member requests are vetted against known data provided by participants when enrolling in a workshop. The IP address of membership requests are checked for local. We may contact an alum directly to confirm their membership request. Once it's determined that the request is valid for that alum, membership will be granted.
For more about Conquer Forum, visit Conquer Forum Purpose and Structure.


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Conquer Workshop
Monday 10/7/2019, 6:30 PM
Ten Consecutive Mondays

To gain the full benefit from the video series and workshop, the companion workbooks should be ordered ahead so they arrive on time. We buy in quantity to save about $6 each on price and shipping. When you click the Conquer Workshop button below, you'll have an opportunity to order and pay for your workbooks at $32 per set.

If you haven't yet purchased your workbooks, you may click here to pay.

Conveniently located at The Rhapsody Hub
near the Vancouver Mall

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Women of Substance
Starting Soon...
Eight Consecutive Sundays

Conveniently located at The Rhapsody Hub
near the Vancouver Mall
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